Yacht Arrival & Clearance


[Updated] Important Notice: CIQP is temporarily suspended until 30 June 2022.

Raffles Marina is a gazetted CIQP Marina, authorised to handle the clearing in / out of visiting foreign yachts and cruising resident yachts, in Singapore.

The information provided below is related to the operating hours of CIQP, CIQP Charges, location of CIQP facility and procedures to be followed, for CIQP clearance.

1. Operating Hours
CIQP will operate every Monday to Sunday (including Public Holiday) from 0900 hours to 1700 hours only.

2. CIQP Charges
The fees for custom clearance at Raffles Marina are as set out below:

LOA Rate
Below 80 feet: $180
Above 80 feet: $360

The above rates are based on per boat per one-way clearance and are subject to the prevailing GST. Rates are exclusive of agent’s fees.

3. Location of CIQP Facility

Location of CIQP Facility

Zone A
For yacht below 80 feet

Zone B
For yacht above 80 feet

4. Procedures on CIQP Clearance at Raffles Marina from 0900-1700 hours (daily)

a. Engage a Shipping Agent

It is compulsory to engage a shipping agent to handle your paperwork for online submission to ICA CREW system no earlier than 72 hours but not later than 6 hours prior to the vessel arriving or departing.

For List of Shipping Agents, please refer to Annex.

Raffles Marina will not accept any vessels including its crew or passengers from any shipping agent once they are declared, “Not To Land” by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Any vessels arriving after CIQP operating hours MUST moor off Singapore water, if CIQP has not been cleared elsewhere. Raffles Marina cannot permit entry into the marina.

b. Arrival

The vessel MUST contact Dockmaster’s Office at VHF 77 or +65 6861 9000, 30 minutes prior to the arrival, to request permission to enter Raffles Marina.

Arriving vessel must berth at the designated CIQP berth.

No person is allowed to embark and disembark until immigration clearance is completed.

No goods are allowed to be off-loaded and on–loaded onto the vessel until the immigration clearance is completed.

Vessels unable to reach Raffles Marina by 1700hrs will need to clear into Singapore at Sister’s Island, Western Quarantine and Immigration Anchorage.

c. Departure

All people scheduled for departure must be on board for immigration clearance.

Departing vessel must berth at the designated CIQP berth.

No person is allowed to embark and disembark once clearance has been completed.

No goods are allowed to be off-loaded and on–loaded once the clearance has been completed.

Vessel must depart Raffles Marina immediately after immigration clearance.

d. International code flag

Vessel that requested immigration clearance must fly the international code flag as follows:
• (2 above 5) if you have NO passenger on board; and
• (3 above 4) if you have passenger/s on board.

e. Singapore Port Regulation/Port Clearance

It is mandatory for vessels to be equipped with Automated Identification System (AIS) prior to entry into Singapore waters.

Captain/Owner must email the information of your vessel to noa@mpa.gov.sg at least 12 hours before entering Singapore waters. Please download the (1) Notice of Arrival (NOA) Form and (2) Circular.

Raffles Marina provides Inward and Outward Port Clearance services and assists with Vessel Port Dues payment through MPA Marinet. A fee of SGD53.50 per port clearance is applicable, inclusive of prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Please note that inward port clearance must be processed within 48 hours of arrival and outward port clearance can be processed 48 hours in advance of departure.

The documents required are as follows:
(i) valid Boat Registration Certificate and valid Boat Insurance; and
(ii) last port clearance

f. Pilotage for Vessels Over 300 Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT)

Vessels with GRT of over 300 are required to engage a Singapore Pilot for entry to Singapore port, as well as entry to Raffles Marina.

You may wish to make your own arrangement for the pilotage or contact our Dockmaster’s Office, for assistance on the pilotage arrangement.

For further information, please visit the website of the Port of Singapore Authority at www.psamarine.com.

Ong Shean Boon
Marina Manager