Yacht Arrival & Clearance

Standard Operating Procedures For Singapore
Immigration and Customs Clearance For Yacht Arrivals and Departures

From 1 April 2016, all yachts are required to engage a licensed shipping agent to handle the paper work on your arrival and departure. Please view the list of recommended agents.
Immigration and custom clearance can only be processed at the following 2 gazetted Immigration Anchorages (24 hours and 7 days a week):

1. Changi General Purpose Anchorage
Approximate Position (Lat 01 20.2’N Long 104 03.8’E)

2. Western Quarantine & Immigration Anchorage off Sister Island
Approximate Position (Lat 01 13.0’N Long 103 49.7’E)

The Immigration boat will be stationed at the designated area, and can be reached at:
VHF Channel 74
Tel: +65 6377-5882/ 5992
Fax: +65 6273-5635

All passports and Crew/ Passenger List must be handed to the Immigration Officer at the Anchorage for verification. Please have extra copies of Crew/ Passenger List on board.

If you have not been cleared by the Immigration Officer at the Anchorage, we cannot permit entry into the marina. For more details, please view the CIQP Notice & Guide - CREW System for Pleasure Craft.

Singapore Port Regulation
It is mandatory for yachts to be equipped with Automated Identification System (AIS) prior to enter into Singapore waters.

Captain/ Owner must email the vessel information to noa@mpa.gov.sg at least 12 hours before entering Singapore waters – please download the Notice of Arrival (NOA) Form and Circular.

Online Port Clearance and Port Due Payment
For yachts fitted with AIS system and a valid MMSI number, Raffles Marina can process the port clearance and assist with port dues through MPA Marinet. A fee of SGD21.40 per port clearance is applicable, inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Please note that inward port clearance must be processed within 48 hours, and outward can be done 48 hours in advance.
Documents required:
1. Valid boat registration certificate and
2. Last port clearance

For yachts without AIS, registry or expired registry, Captain/ Owner is required to personally process the port clearance and pay the port dues at:

One Stop Document Centre
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
74 Keppel Road
# 01-26, Tanjong Pagar Complex
Singapore (089054)
Tel: +65 6325 2374

Visiting boats are permitted to stay as long as they wish, however, annual port dues will be imposed by the Authority. Captain/ Crew will be granted 14 days, but can be extended for another 30 days in total of 44 days. Beyond the 44 days, you are required to provide a bank guarantee of SGD1,500 to the Immigration and Custom Office. Once approved, you may be granted a total of 6 months stay in Singapore. This service is managed by the shipping agent.

Pilotage for Vessels Over 300GRT
Vessels with a Gross Registered Tonnage of over 300 GRT, are required to take on a Singapore Pilot for entry to Singapore port, and thus also entry to Raffles Marina. The Dockmaster’s Office can arrange for Pilotage Service. Pls contact the dockmaster’s office at Raffles Marina. More information can also be found at the Port of Singapore Authority website at www.psamarine.com