Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Located at the tip of our Club's breakwater is Raffles Marina's own lighthouse. Built in 1994 and overlooking the Tuas Second Link - Singapore's second causeway to Malaysia, this 12 metres high icon flashes every 10 seconds with a beam that reaches 15 metres. The lighthouse is maintained by the Club and is the only lighthouse not owned and operated by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore.

The beacon is also a popular spot for cycling communities, leisure photography groups and bloggers. Some of these photographs have been featured on sites such as Pinterest, Flickr and on Instagram via this hashtag, #rafflesmarinalighthouse.

The lighthouse, together with the marina, has been featured on wedding and lifestyle websites and blogs. Raffles Marina has been described as one of the most ideal and unique venues among couples for wedding photography and nautical themed weddings.

During the evenings, soak in the expanse of the beautiful sunset right at the sea as you take a stroll down the pier to the lighthouse. No wonder this icon is known to many as one of the most picturesque in Singapore!

Visit Raffles Marina Lighthouse, opens daily from 7am to 12am. 

View more beautiful shots of the lighthouse here.