Greetings from President

Dear Members and Friends

You are probably missing a familiar face here, a face with a signature smile. The highly recognisable face of my predecessor, Francis Lee. Francis handed the helm over to me in October 2017, after 23 years of distinguished leadership of Raffles Marina and its service to members.

He leaves a legacy best summarised in his own words when he was writing his message for this very space "Raffles Marina... pioneered the advent of a new genre of modern marinas and country clubs." That was in 1994. Francis has every right to remind us that the newcomer then was rated a Five Gold Anchor marina, the first in the Asia-Pacific Region. His vision, his passion and his energy led to the creation of cruising and marine conservation programmes that have extended their reach to much of Aseanarean. By 1999, Singapore was home to the region's first Bluewater marina. Bluewater is the global mark of maritime activities.

Some of you may wonder why I am telling an old story here. It is a familiar story to those in the know. To them and to those who are newer on our scene out west in Tuas, the reaffirmation of the familiar here is our rededication to the continuing voyage of Raffles Marina. A voyage without end, a journey that continuously assures members and friends.

It is a nautical life, the life here at Raffles Marina, truly a quality life!

Peter H L Lim

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